1941 - 1946 Chevrolet trucks
Model 3104 1/2 ton pick-up & 3116 1/2 ton Carryall Suburban

Welcome to my Chevy Art Deco Page. 
This resource web started as blog of sorts on the restoration of my 1946 1/2 ton Chevrolet Pick-up.   I have since added various links and resources as a reference page for people doing similar restorations.  In July 2012, I picked up an all original 1946 Carryall Suburban, so I expanded the web site to include information on them as well but many of the resources are shared just as many of the parts are interchangeable.  In addition to clicking the links below, clicking the two photos above will bring you to the restoration pages for each vehicle. 

I will continue to add information over time.  If you have any original documentation or photos for the 41-46 Chevy or GMC trucks that you would like to share, please e-mail it to me for inclusion on the site.   

1941-1946 Restoration Projects
1/2 ton and Carryall
1946 Chevy 1/2 ton Pick-up Restoration
1946 Chevy 1/2 ton Carryall Suburban Restoration
Looking for the full Restoration story/log?
Click the photo above to visit the page with detailed restoration logs for both my
'46 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup restoration as well as my '46 Chevrolet 1/2 ton Carryall Suburban restoration that is underway.

1946 1/2 ton Pickup Events & Shows

April 2013 G&D Cover & Article!!
Finished reading about the restoration? 
Click here to read about the various events that I have attended with the completed 1/2 ton pick-up.

1941-1946 Chevrolet Truck Resources
Various resources that will help you in your restoration.
If you don't find what you need, don't hesitate to e-mail me. 

GM - Janesville Assembly Plant
Historical info on the GM plant where many of these trucks were built.

Vintage Photos & Adds
1941-1946 Chevy trucks

Truck ID & Color Guide
Art Deco 1941-1946 
.pdf document

Video of the 1/2 ton restoration
(the video may take a while to download so be patient)

Reference Books & FAQs

41-46 Chevy Truck Items for Sale

Spare Tire Carrier Info

1941-1946 truck accessories

41-46 Identification Guide
Subtle and not so subtle differences between the years

41-46 Chevy & GMC Truck Resource links 1941 - 1946 Chevy Truck Production Numbers

216 Oil path info

.pfd Document



1941-1946 Chevrolet Truck Photos
Various examples of these great trucks


1946 1/2 ton pickup

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For more photos - visit the Photos & Adds page

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